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My Oracle Support provides customers with access to over a million knowledge articles and a vibrant support community of peers and Oracle experts. Oracle offers a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications and platform services. For more information about Oracle (NYSE:ORCL), visit A blog about on new technologie. Hands-on note about Hadoop, Cloudera, Hortonworks, NoSQL, Cassandra, Neo4j, MongoDB, Oracle, SQL Server, Linux, etc. Deadlocks Hello1.What is a deadlock and how can i detected, how can i fix a deadlock??2. I've a temp tablespace with 3 GB of size, acording to the high water mark anly have been use about 300 MB of the file, i try to resize to 1.5 Gb but it doesn't let me, why is that?? the same thing happen on a RBS Oracle wait event enq: JI – contention and p1 p2 and p3 value anayze; 19c db patch 19.3.0 to 19.3.2 RUR; 19c grid patch 19.3.0 to 19.3.2 RUR; oracle diskgroup mount fails ORA-15017: diskgroup “” cannot be mounted ORA-15063: ASM discovered an insufficient number of disks for diskgroup “” ( detected duplicate paths to the same disk )

このような現象からOracleが一意キーを保護するためにどのような方法を使っているのかが推論できます。 つまり、Oracleは表に行を追加した後、索引を追加しますが、索引を追加する時に一意制約に違反しているかどうかを チェックします。 P2 : usn ; 16 | slot

29 PART 2 □□□ Data Dictionary Base Tables □CHAPTER 3 Introduction to Data 311 Retrieving the Text of Captured SQL Statements . dba 0 or file # 0 object # usn<<16 | slot usn<<16 | slot usn<<16 | slot usn<<16 2, Application, SQL*Net break/reset to client, 668, 0.00, 1,039.16, 1555.62, 6856.88 Cluster (s), DB time, DB CPU, IO Wait, Gets, Reads, Cluster, Execs, SQL Text 6.44, "1415053318","10747921","78145", 2012年7月11日 oracle Enqueue Waits - 关于oracle 锁等待最详细的文档,dba必看. P2 = ID1 , depends on P1 ? P3 = ID2 ID1 = RBS seg# | RBS slot # ?

WAIT #47156432773600: nam='enq: TX - index contention' ela= 113183 name|mode=1415053316 usn<<16 | slot=4259845 sequence=43226 obj#=-1 tim=1329387810694927 I don't understand how to interpret this line. Googling has yielded that name|mode=1415053316 means Transaction in share mode (hex TX04), and that obj# would reference the object in SYS.OBJ$.

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Join Oracle Magazine's 2003 "DBA of the Year" Arup Nanda over the next 20 weeks as he presents his list of the top Oracle Database 10g features for database administrators. Follow along! Download Oracle Database 10g. Week 11. Wait Interface. For immediate performance problems not yet captured by ADDM, the 10g wait interface provides valuable data for diagnosis

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enq: TX - row lock contention等待事件的三个参数如下,其中P2和P3可以定位XID enq: TX - row lock contention 参数P1,P2,P3的讲解 宋小荣 2015-03-18 21:11:04 3795 收藏 2

p2 denotes usn<<16 | slot ( USN is the UNDO SEGMENT NUMBER AND | SLOT IS THE UNDO SLOT) this can be identified using the value of p2 p2 value is 524313 SQL> select trunc(524313/power(2,16)) USN, mod(524313,power(2,16)) SLOT from dual; USN SLOT----- ----- 8 25 Using the above we can find the blocking session. Current Wait Event: enq: TX - row lock contention Current Wait Class: Application Wait Duration: 5:15 (mm:ss) P1: name|mode 1415053318 P2: usn<<16 | slot 12058642 P3: sequence 39951 Object: USERNAME.MEMBER 7 Resolving Transient Performance Problems. Transient performance problems are short-lived and do not appear in the Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitor (ADDM) analysis. . ADDM tries to report the most significant performance problems during an analysis period in terms of their impact on DB Nov 04, 2019 · Oracle session identified by: { instance: 1 (TEST) os id: 11116 process id: 114, oracle@TEST session id: 7 session serial #: 41073 } is waiting for 'enq: TX - row lock contention' with wait info: { p1: 'name|mode'=0x54586 p2: 'usn 16 | slot'=0x7e15 p3: 'sequence'=0xc84c time in wait: 3 min 21 sec timeout after: never wait id: 212593 These slots are used for read/write operations. If a new slot is requested, but none are available, then this wait event is signaled. This wait will only occur if the underlying operating system is using asynchronous I/O. Wait Time: Wait up to 1 second for slots to be freed in the circular direct loader I/O buffer queue. Parameters: none